Personal Project: Portfolio – Audio Spectrum



Guardians of the Galaxy themed Audio Spectrums:

Synoptic Project: CG Enterprises Track


During one of the scenes in act 2, I was given the task to create the logo to go onto the side of the building, “CG Enterprises”.

I made this within photoshop and then exported it into illustrator to create a vector of it.

This then meant I could put it into after effects and create a 3d Object from the logo vector.

Originally I was going to create a 3D model of the logo within Maya, then export it out into after effects to make the track.

However, I used the vector from Illustrator, created outlines from it within After Effects and turned it into a 3D image.

I then added a spot light into AE to allow the shape to project shadows and have a slight glossy look to it.


I had a few problems withe After Effects crashing a lot, due to it not being able to RAM Preview. I found out that I had RayTrace 3D enabled as the chosen renderer, which is why it was taking ages to just preview the scene.

Classic 3D rendered almost instantly, however, I need to use a 3D renderer to be able to see the 3D effects of the logo, so it was a choice of either CINEMA 4D , or RayTrace 3D.

I eventually went with CINEMA 4D, as this rendered things quicker than RayTrace, but still allowed me to use the 3D logo.


I came across a few problems with trying to add effects to the vector, due to it being, a vector.

So I have pre-composed the vector, lighting and null object into a new pre-composition , which has finally allowed me to edit it properly.

I have added a mix of effects onto this, Curves, Hue and Saturation, CC Vector Blur, CC Light Sweep, CC Cross Blur and Drop Shadow.

Tweaked the brightness of the sign to make look more real.

Created Breakdown video.


Personal Project: Porfolio Work – AE: Pulses

As we will be needing different types of work in our portfolio, I have made a pulsing motion graphic using circles and the repeater on multiple shape layers.


Synoptic Project: Inside Head Neurons

For part of the inside the head scene there will be neurons in the background, so I am making these within After Effects using this image from Google.


First try I used a mix of Glow and Vegas effects to create this.


I added more layers of this, starting them at different times and changing each layers colour, however I didnt think this would work that well, so I created a new comp and added a CC Mr Mercury effect and played around with it until I made an effect that worked well.


I duplicated this layer and added another colour and again, changed the timing on it, as well as adding a piece of test footage we took from the green screen room.




Synoptic Project: Previs for Act 2

During the previs section of the project, we were all given tasks to create a short clip of what is going to happen in the shooting within maya for each of the acts.

I was given Act 2 to pre-vis.

I did this within Maya and then added all the footage together within Premiere Pro.


Personal Projects: Galaxy Ball Title Screen

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Personal Project: Woody Flash VFX

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