Personal Project: Portfolio – Audio Spectrum



Guardians of the Galaxy themed Audio Spectrums:

Personal Project: Porfolio Work – AE: Pulses

As we will be needing different types of work in our portfolio, I have made a pulsing motion graphic using circles and the repeater on multiple shape layers.


Personal Project: Car Sketches

Its been a very long time since I have drawn a car, I used to draw them a lot while I was in primary school, but that was about 10-11 years ago, so I need to practice drawing them more.

When I was little I used to free draw cars the majority of the time, as well as draw cartoony styled cars where they were squished up and with giant wheels.

Other times I would use this little tool kit for drawing curves and circles that I got with a how to draw cars book as a present.

So today I tried to follow a few tutorials on how to draw cars on perspective or without perspective using the wheel trick, where you draw 4 wheels, all the same distance from each other and then draw a box on top of that for the car.


Perspective drawing of car 1


Perspective 2

I wasnt that keen using the perspective way of drawing the cars, but I will try to practice this some more.

This one was using the spacing of the wheels, and then adding the box shape of the car on top, personally I preferred this one over the perspective one.

The Subaru Impreza WRX STI was always one of my favourite cars to draw when I was little, so this is the one I decided to draw during the free hand sketch, this felt a lot more natural and easier to do, but I feel as though the back end of the car is too long, I just need to practice getting the proportions correct.


Enter a caption

This final drawing of a Nissan Skyline GTR R34 was a mix of all three, perspective and wheel spacing, then free drawing over the top

Personal Project: Post-Apocalyptic Farm – Art Prompts

Art Prompts

I was having trouble thinking of something to draw today, so I decided to try using Art-Prompts.Org

I chose the Environments section and hit the refresh button a few times until I found a prompt that I liked, some prompts were things like picnic site, galactic gas station and others, but I decided to go with the Post-Apocalyptic Abandoned Farm prompt.

I then researched  a few different types of farms, searching first for traditional english farms, but then I really liked the look of old american style farms.

I looked into different farms and ranches, then looked into some post-apocalyptic art.


Initial Layout Sketch



Laying out the buildings and perspective


Adding detail to the sketch before adding damage to the buildings.

post apoc

Personal Project: Airport Metro Station

Today I wanted to practice more with perspective drawing as it has been a while since I have done so, and one of my projects from 3 years ago that I did during my Fine Art AS Level was perspective … Continue reading

Personal Projects: Mocha AE

Some more of my work using Mocha

Added Effects: Three Graffiti Arts on wall

Added Effects: Smoke out of chimney, logo on house, logo on metal storage.

Added Effects: Logo on side of train, text on front of train