Synoptic Project: Meeting the Team

Today is the first day of beginning our Final Synoptic Project, This counts for 40% of our final year grade, a crucial part of our future portfolio, and would be created during a 6 month time frame.

I have been placed into a team with 4 other people to complete our VFX project.


Once we figured out which teams we were on we discussed the plans for this week for the project.

Weekly Jobs


  • Character concepts

  • Environment concepts


  • Music inspirations

  • Sound effect inspirations (unlisted YT™ playlist)


  • Finalising Story

  • Act 1 Storyboard Draft

  • Spreadsheet (Production stages and stuff)


  • Moodboards (Inspirations for effects, etc.)


  • Shooting locations (ones we mentioned, locations on college campus, etc.)



Project 7: Character Modelling in Maya

Today we started modelling characters in Maya, we could have either chosen from a set list of characters, or bring our own.

I chose to make Lucious as a model.


I scanned some images of Lucious standing in a T-pose position to help make the modelling easier.


The main body is blocked out using a cube and then extruded into multiple shapes, which is shown below.




This was for Lucious’s front view. I then went into his side view and edited that, but unfortunately I ran into a lot of problems where vertices would overlap, extra faces and polygons, N-Gons and other things that I will need to get rid of or fix.

Once I had gotten the main shape of Lucious complete, I tried to add some depth to him by extruding him outwards to make his stomach and face.

However, I have extruded it really strangely, so I had multiple overlapping vertices and triangles.

To improve for next time, I need to remember to be more careful while extruding and connect vertices when I extrude.

Project 3: Halloween Game – Gobble Ghost

After pitching our games to the rest of the class, we have decided to make the Gobble Ghost game within our team. We had a group meeting to discuss what each person in each team will be making towards the … Continue reading

Project 6: Character Design with Silhouettes

Today we made some characters using only some select tools in Photoshop:

  • Lasso Tool
  • Fill Tool
  • Brush Tool
  • Erase Tool

The idea was to create random scribbles on the canvas and then fill in that shape. From this we then created some characters.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From these, I am planning on creating some images of concept art for them to add some more details.

Project 4: Storyboarding Part 3.

The next part of our storyboarding lesson, we pitched our ideas to the other people within the classes, then we had to swap our stories and create storyboard images for key points in each part of their story.


We got given a story about a weak Lion drinking at a waterhole, which is then approached by a gazelle.

The lion and gazelle start fighting and then more gazelles join in and eventually the lion is killed due to it being so weak.

The parts of the storyboard I got given was a close up of the lion drinking, and then a shot of the gazelle approaching the drinking lion.


This was the first panel I created of the lion drinking from the waterhole. I have made the face really detailed, but the front legs less detailed so that the focus would be on the lions face during the shot.


The next shot shows the gazelle approaching the lion at the watering hole.

I have coloured the Gazelle as that is the main feature of this shot.

Project 5: Modelling within Maya

Today we were given a task to create a vehicle within Maya. This is my first time modelling within Maya as I usually model within Max.

I went for a cartoony styled car as it would be easy to start with.

Image result for vehicle clipart

I started with a cube and added multiple edge loops to create parts that could be extruded to make the starting shape.


I had problems mainly with creating the wheels, with overlapping faces and really weird topology. The main problem with the overlapping faces was that I accidentally extruded part of the wheel twice and I didn’t realize until the faces turned a weird black colour.

To create the rounder shapes, I used bevels, but again this sometimes messed with the model so I couldnt add it to all the car.

I prefer modelling within Maya over Max, I just feel as though it is easier to use than Max, although I still do prefer to model in Autodesk Inventor over the two.

I feel as though if I learn more about Modelling within Maya, my modelling will get better, as it has improved a lot since I first started my 3D Modelling two years ago on Inventor.

Project 4: Storyboarding – 2

We were given a task to create a story in a desert which involved conflict. In our group we brainstormed some ideas, such as a giant snake monster, someone trying to steal treasure and Egyptians betraying a group of cowboys.

In the end, we decided to go for a group of treasure hunters that go into a Pyramid and find a group of Ancient Egyptian Priests. This then disturbed the priests and so they summon a dust demon to take care of the treasure hunters.

One of the hunters gets cursed and tries to attack the rest of the group and then the group has to decide whether to trap him or help him.


In our group we chose which parts we were going to create some images for to make a whole storyboard.

I decided to go with the dust demon being summoned.


Work in Progress

The image above is still a work in progress of the final image that I am creating.